You can feel confident that your patients will be receiving evidence-based, validated and protocol driven psychiatric care provided by licensed, experienced and well-trained clinicians here at Altum Psych. A complete psychiatric evaluation will be performed during the first appointment, and diagnoses and treatment plans will be communicated promptly and regularly so that your records are current. 

It's easy to refer patients of any age to Altum Psych! Simply fax a signed medical release with the patient's contact information and a brief differential diagnosis to 603-499-4271 and we will contact the patient. Current problem and medication lists are always helpful. If possible, include past medications as well. Alternatively, you may direct the patient or family to call us at 603-755-6465, or seek us out online. Please be advised that we are private pay only at this time, but we will be accepting insurance soon.

Professional burnout is experienced by most healthcare providers at some point in their hard-won careers. It can have devastating effects on self, career, family, community and patient. If you are experiencing symptoms of emotional exhaustion, you deserve care. We've been there and can help.